Chefs tips

Induction hobs

Induction is the latest development to be adopted as a heating method for cooker hobs. This technology uses the principle of the electromagnetic field – which is why it requires cooking utensils that have bases containing ferromagnetic material. Inductors linked to an electric generator are located under a glass-ceramic surface, which acts as support for the cooking utensils.

Induction gives very precise control of cooking temperature. Only the area in contact with the utensil really heats up. The rest of the surface stays cool.

Lacanche induction hobs are available with five or three cooking zones in the main section and an optional further two at the side. Utensils of various sizes can be used thanks to a well-planned layout combining zones of different heating power.

Temperature control
The front controls, with ‘power on’ alert, allow rapid and easy adjustment of heating rates. Power-level indicators beneath the transparent glass-ceramic surface give you visual control over how the heating zone is responding.

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