Chefs tips

Gas burners

Appreciated for their performance and ease-of-use, gas burners have always been preferred by chefs. Their advantages are many: no limit on the type of pan, pot or casserole that can be used, easy to tell by eye whether the flame is too high or too low –and to adjust it to suit the utensil’s size and how the contents are coming along.
Burners are made up of two parts, both removable. The body of the burner in cast aluminium forms the base, while the brass burner cap is the upper part.  Both can be easily removed in order to clean the hob. Simple advice and maintenance hints are provided in the User’s Manual that comes with each cooker.
The pan supports in enamelled iron are especially robust. They support typical cooking utensils such as saucepans, frying pans and cast-iron casseroles, as well as specific accessories (ridged and flat griddle, wok ring). These, too, can be lifted off.

Temperature control
Lacanche kitchen ranges are fitted with gas burners of different power outputs (from 1.5 to 5kW). These self-stabilising burners have a very gentle lower setting for simmering. When fully on, they provide impressive heating power, with rapid results. They feature electric ignition and a thermoelectric Flame Supervision Device (FSD). The well-designed layout enables the use of large cooking utensils, such as saucepans, frying pans and cast-iron casseroles: on the 5kW burner, these can be up to 40cm in diameter.

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