Professional knowhow

Inspired directly by the professional cookery equipment used by chefs, Lacanche ranges are creative instruments, always seeking to increase their technological edge. While they have risen to iconic status, their efficiency and reliability are recognised as being of professional standard.

A high grade manufacturing process

Steel, stainless steel, cast-iron, enamel: only first-class materials are used at Lacanche, bringing a true touch of authenticity to the art of living beautifully. The choice of materials, the reliability of the components, the quality of the enamelled colour finish, produced specially for each individual order, all receive constant, consistent care. But the secret ‘home made ingredient’ is to be found in the jealously preserved knowhow and craftsmanship. Lacanche makes its kitchen ranges as one-offs, assembling them by hand. Nothing can substitute for the trained eye and skilled hand of the expert.

The unmatched enamel colours of Lacanche

The quality of traditional enamel, with its intense, glowing colours, is another Lacanche speciality. Two or three coats followed by baking at very high temperature (850°C) are needed to achieve the 21 exclusive, nuanced shades typical of the restrained, elegant Lacanche look in a finish that is both enduring and low-maintenance.

Eco-friendly spirit

Built using materials and components that are made mainly of metal, such as steel, stainless steel, enamelled steel, copper, brass, cast iron and cast aluminium, our kitchen ranges are more than 90% recyclable.
Lacanche attaches great importance to ready availability of the parts and components of every cooker. It is also possible, by request and whenever technically possible, to replace the enamel finish of a range in order to change its colour.
Lacanche is committed to respect the rules and principles of ‘eco-design’ when producing products and developing innovations. In France it belongs to Eco-Systèmes, an officially recognised association founded by manufacturers and distributors to advance recovery, sustainability and recycling.